DrumDamentals.com – Coming Soon!

DrumDamentals is a powerful learning resource for creating building blocks for the modern drummer. Our goal is to teach drumming fundamentals that are necessary for taking your drumming to the next level. Each video is designed to be super fun, educational, as well as challenging to each student based on their level. You can do the easy version, or take it to the next level to really burn up your chops.

The idea here is to build real and useful skill sets. The modern drummer in today’s popular music has one major job, keep time. For every drummer, at any level, in any musical situation, this is the most important goal. DrumDamentals will have challenging exercises, crazy stick crossovers, advanced workouts, 4-Way-Coordination, various musical styles, and will expand from there, but all maintaining the idea that our number one job is to keep time.

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Adam Silverman
Touring and Studio Drummer
Nashville, TN